Hyundai Genesis: Automatic Transmission Control System / Repair procedures

TCM Learning
When shift shock occurs or parts related with the transmission are replaced, TCM learning should be performed.
In the following case, TCM learning is required.
Transmission assembly replacement
TCM replacement
TCM upgrading
TCM learning condition
ATF temperature: 30 ~ 95°C (86 ~ 203°F)
TCM learning procedure
Stop learning
Repeat the shift pattern shown below four times or more with the brake stepped on.

Driving learning
Upshift the gear from 1st to 8th by one gear while keeping the throttle opening constant
Gradually reduce the speed and downshift the gear from 8th to 1st by one gear.
Repeatthe driving pattern above four times or more.
Upshift throttle opening: 15-30%

Description and Operation
Description Automatic transmission system relies on various measurement data to determine the current control status and extrapolate the necessary compensation values. These values are used to ...

Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

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