Hyundai Genesis: Front Seat / Front Seat Assembly Repair procedures

When installing the belt, make sure not to damage the pretensioner.
Remove the front anchor seat belt (A).

?How to detach the anchor seat belt
1) Expose the red-colored indicator pin (A) by pushing the slot hole with a O 1.5mm pointed tool as the illustration below.
Be careful not to scratch the anchor cover with a pointed tool when pushing the slot hole.
2) Put a (-) driver (O4mm) into a latch hole () and turn it clockwise.
3) Remove the connector by pulling seat belt ().
When connecting the anchor connector, securely connect it until "click" sound is heard.

After opening the seat track cover and loosening the mounting bolts, remove the front seat assembly.

Tightening torque :
49.0 ~ 63.7 N.m (5..0 ~ 6.5 kgf.m, 36.2~ 47.0 lb-ft)



Pull up the front seat headrest (A).

Disconnect the front seat integration connector (A).

Install in the reverse order of removal.
The installation procedures of seat mounting bolts
Push the seat to the rear end of slides and initially tighten the front mounting bolts.
Push the seat to the front end of slides and completely tighten the rear mounting bolts.
Send the seat to the rear end again to completely tighten the front mounting bolts.
Check the seat for smooth movement.
For the non-automatic slide seats, check the seats are fixed at each designated fixing position.
When coupling the tongue to the buckle, be careful not to twist the belt.

Front Seat Assembly Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Front seat assembly ...

Front Seat Shield Outer Cover Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Front seat front shield outer cover2. Rear seat shield outer cover ...

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