Hyundai Genesis: Tires/Wheels / Wheel Repair procedures

Wheel Runout
Jack up the vehicle and support it with jack stands.
Measure the wheel runout with a dial indicator as illustrated.
Replace the wheel if the wheel runout exceeds the limit.
Runout mm

Wheel Nut Tightening
Tightening torque.

Tightening torque :
90 ~ 110N.m (9 ~ 11kgf.m, 65.1 ~ 79.5lb-ft)

When using an impact gun, final tightening torque should be checked using a torque wrench.
Tightening order.
Tighten the nuts by applying equal torque to each of them, according to the tightening order.

Tire Repair procedures
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Alignment Repair procedures
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