Hyundai Genesis: Light / Smart High Beam

The Smart High Beam is a system that automatically adjusts the headlamp range (switches between high beam and low beam) according to the brightness of other vehicles and road conditions.

Operating condition

1. Place the light switch in the AUTO position.

2. Turn on the high beam by pushing the lever away from you. The smart high beam () indicator will illuminate.

3. The Smart High Beam will turn on when vehicle speed is above 28 mph (45km/h).

  • If the lever is pushed away when the Smart High Beam is operating, the Smart High Beam will turn off and the high beam will be on continuously. The smart high beam () indicator will turn off.
  • If the lever is pulled towards you when the Smart High Beam is operating, the Smart High Beam will turn off.

4. If the light switch is placed to the headlamp position, the Smart High Beam will turn off and the low beam will be on continuously.

The high beam switches to low beam in the below conditions.

- When the Smart High Beam is off.
- When the light switch is not in the AUTO position.
- When the headlamp is detected from the on-coming vehicle.
- When the tail lamp is detected from the front vehicle.
- When the surrounding is bright enough high beams are not needed.
- When streetlights or other lights are detected.
- When vehicle speed is below 22 mph (35km/h).


The system may not operate normally in the below conditions.

  • When the light from the oncoming or front vehicle is not detected because of lamp damage, hidden from sight, etc.
  • When the lamp of the on-coming or front vehicle is covered with dust, snow or water.
  • When the light from the oncoming or front vehicle is not detected because of exhaust fume, smoke, fog, snow, etc.
  • When the front window is covered with foreign matters such as ice, dust, fog, or is damaged.
  • When there is a similar shape lamp with the front vehicle’s lamps.
  • When it is hard to see because of fog, heavy rain or snow.
  • When the headlamp is not repaired or replaced at an authorized dealer.
  • When headlamp aiming is not properly adjusted.
  • When driving on a narrow curved road or rough road.
  • When driving downhill or uphill.
  • When only part of the vehicle in front is visible on a crossroad or curved road.
  • When there is a traffic light, reflecting sign, flashing sign or mirror.
  • When the road conditions are bad such as being wet or covered with snow.
  • When the front vehicle’s headlamps are off but the fog lamps on.
  • When a vehicle suddenly appears from a curve.
  • When the vehicle is tilted from a flat tire or being towed.
  • When the LKAS (Lane keeping Assist System) warning light illuminates.


  • Do not place any accessories, stickers or tint the windshield.
  • Have the windshield glass replaced from an authorized dealer.
  • Do not remove or impact related parts of the Smart High Beam system.
  • Be careful that water doesn’t get into the Smart High Beam unit.
  • Do not place objects on the dashboard that reflects light such as mirrors, white paper, etc. The system may malfunction if sunlight is reflected.
  • At times, the Smart High Beam system may not work properly, always check the road conditions for your safety. When the system does not operate normally, manually change between the high beam and low beam.
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