Hyundai Genesis: Fender / Repair procedures

When removing the fender, wrap protective tape around a screwdriver or remover not to damage components
Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries.
Remove the front bumper.
(Refer to Front Bumper - "Front Bumper Cover")
Loosen the front wheel guard mounting screws and pin-type retainers.

Loosen the mounting screws and pin-type retainers and remove the side sill garnish.
Remove the side sill molding.
(Refer to Body Side Molding - "Side Sill Molding")
Remove the front bumper side mounting bracket (A) after loosening the screw and bolt.

Remove the fender side cover (A).

Remove the fender assembly (A) after loosening the nut and bolts.

Install in the reverse order of removal.
Replace any damaged clips.
Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Fender assembly ...


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