Hyundai Genesis: Convenient features of your vehicle / Instrument cluster

■ Type A

■ Type B

1. Tachometer
2. Speedometer
3. Engine coolant temperature gauge
4. Fuel gauge
5.Warning and indicator lights
6. LCD display (including Trip computer)

Fuel filler door
Opening the fuel filler door The fuel filler door must be opened from inside the vehicle by pushing the fuel filler door opener button. 1. Turn the engine off. 2. Push the fuel filler door op ...

Instrument Cluster Control
Adjusting Instrument Cluster Illumination When the Engine Start Stop button is in the ON position, press the illumination control button to adjust the instrument panel illumination intensit ...

Other information:

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Driver Airbag (DAB) Module and Clock Spring Repair procedures

Removal 1. Disconnect the battery negative cable and wait for at least three minutes before beginning work. 2. Put a flat tool(O4mm) into a guide hole located in the bottom of steering wheel and press a spring.     When put a tool into a hole, make sure not to damage an ...

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Cooling Fan Specifications

Specifications [Cooling fan control (PWM)] ItemsPerformance specMAX, load current consumption (12V)23.3 + 10% AInputCommunication frequency300 ± 5%Duty10, 30 ~ 90 % Voltage levelHImore than 0.7 VLOW0 ~ 1.9 V ...

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