Hyundai Genesis: Rear Curtain System / Description and Operation

The rear curtain is AUTO UP/AUTO DOWN by one-touch operation of the switch. The curtain covers the inner side of the rear glass to keep passengers out of direct sunlight.
The rear curtain system is built in BCM. If the symptom seems to have to do with the rear curtain operation logic, BCM needs to be inspected. In this case, refer to the GDS-using diagnosis procedures (input/output data monitoring, actuation test).
Main Features
AUTO UP/AUTO DOWN operated by the one-touch switch improves the driver convenience.
When switching to the reverse gear, the rear curtain automatically rolls down. When the car is parked, the curtain returns to its original position.
After AUTO DOWN in the reverse gear, the rear curtain automatically goes up while driving at a speed of more than 20km/h.
Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Rear curtain2. Rear curtain switch (Floor console upper cover)3. Body Control Module (BCM)4. Rear seat curtain switch ...

Rear Curtain Repair procedures
Inspection Connect the motor to battery and check the motor for proper operation. Then reverse the battery terminals to be connected and check that the motor operates properly in the reverse di ...

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