Hyundai Genesis: AVN System / AVN(Audio Video Navigation) head unit Repair procedures

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / AVN System / AVN(Audio Video Navigation) head unit Repair procedures

Take care not to scratch the crash pad and related parts.
Eject all discs before removing the AVN head unit not to damage the DVD player’s load mechanism.
Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the crash pad side garnish assembly.
(Refer to Body - "Crash pad side garnish assembly")
In case of working on the non-gloss timber trimming, special care shall be given to the following.
When removing with the screwdriver or remover, wrap the protective tape on the tools.
Be careful not to damage parts because the non-gloss timber trim is easily scratched or picked.
Be careful to store and handle the crash pad when removing/installing because lubricant and oil can leave a stain on the trim.
Remove the heater control unit and center fascia panel assembly.
(Refer to Body - "Heater & A/C Control Unit" )
Remove the AVN head unit (A) after loosening the mounting bolts and nuts.

Remove the AVN head unit connectors and cables (A).

If DVD does not eject, don't try to remove it.
The DVD player may get damaged.
Contact the nearest Dealer for assistance.
Install the AVN head unit after connecting the AVN head unit connectors and cable.
Install the heater and air conditioner control unit.
Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Make sure that the cables and connectors are plugged in properly.
Check the AVN system for normal operation.
How to Check the AVN Head Unit When Replacing It (Variant Coding)
The AVN head unit performs basic audio, video and navigation functions.
It also receives overall information about the vehicle from other units (SWRC, FATC, BCM, PGS, AVM, Cluster, TMU, ECS, etc.) through CAN communication and forwards it to the driver.
Thus, when replacing the AVN head unit, be sure to enter detailed option information of each vehicle model into the new AVN unit for proper operation of AVN system.
This process is called variant coding.
The following process describes the GDS based input method only.
Check the options installed on the vehicle before proceeding to the AVN head unit variant coding.
Select a vehicle and then select "variant coding", an additional function of the AVN head unit.
Set up the options installed on vehicles.
If you input the wrong variant, the AVN head unit will not work correctly.
After replacing the head unit, set the replacement, stop the engine, and close and lock the door. Do not operate the car for at least three minutes to save what has been coded.
The code is saved in the head unit only when the AVN system completely shuts down and then wakes up.
Follow the guidance of on-screen information and stand by. Wait until it is completely saved and then exit.
AVN(Audio Video Navigation) head unit Components and Components Location
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Front LCD monitor Components and Components Location
Components ...

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