Hyundai Genesis: Convenient features of your vehicle / Automatic climate control system

1. Driver’s temperature control knob
2. Fan speed control button
3. OFF button
4. AUTO (automatic control) button
5. Mode selection button (Driver)
6. Air conditioning button
7. Front windshield defrost button
8. Rear window defrost button
9. Passenger’s temperature control knob
10. SYNC button
11. Air intake control button (Outside air)
12. Air intake control button (Recirculated air)
13. Climate information screen selection button
14. Mode selection button (Passenger)
15. Air intake control button
16. Rear side temperature control thumbwheel
17. Rear vent ON/OFF thumbwheel

CAUTION To prevent damage to the conductors bonded to the inside surface of the rear window, never use sharp instruments or window cleaners containing abrasives to clean the window. If you ...

Automatic heating and air conditioning
1. Press the AUTO button. The modes, fan speeds, air intake and air-conditioning will be controlled automatically according to the temperature setting. ■ Front ■ Rear 2. Turn the t ...

Other information:

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: ESC Control Unit Repair procedures

Removal 1. Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. 2. Remove the Engine room fuse & relay box (B) after removing the cover (A). 3. Disconnect the brake tubes (A) from the HECU by unlocking the nuts counterclockwise with a wrench. Tightening torque : ...

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Special Service Tools

Special Service Tools Tools (Number and name)IllustrationUse09480-A3800Inhibitor neutral fixed pinUsed to align the neutral position when installing the manual control lever on the inhibitor switch. ...

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