Hyundai Genesis: IMS(Integrated Memory System) / Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Description and Operation

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / IMS(Integrated Memory System) / Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Description and Operation

The Tilt & Telescope operation function in SCM contains of the following function.
Manual control with direction switches (Tilt Up/Down, Telescope Forward/Backward).
Playback with position switches (P1 and P2 switches).
Memory with position switches (P1 and P2 switches).
Easy Access operation control according to the IGN SW SCM = Key Off>Key Off exception or IGN SW SCM=Key Off exception > Key Off
Easy Entry Position Renewal
Arbitration control
Detecting error
Notice (Manual, Memory Playback, Easy Access operation)
The changed position of the seat by memorizing into the power seat unit with IMS switch controlling the optimal seat position set by the driver can be restored with the IMS switch.
It has the function of prohibiting the restoring action during driving and emergent stopping the linked motion for safety. .
The main functions are as follows.
Manual operation: Motor control with the seat manual switch
The position of the seat is changed by operating the motor when the signal is input with manual switch for the seat (Slide, recline, front tilt, rear height adjusting cushion extension)
Memory function : Available for memorizing/reproducing the data for two persons with IMS switch.
The memorized motion for the optimal seal position set by the driver based on the CAN data with ?DDM > IMS module?with IMS switch.
Reproduction by the CAN data received from DDN during IMS switch controlling.
Motion linked for getting on/off
Function of getting on/off linked motion depending on the state of ON/OFF the engine
Use of IMS CAN data communcation
Condition for operating getting on : When the electric power is in ACC
Behavior For Normal State
Manual Control With Direction Switches
Tilt & Telescope operation is carried out in SCM according to user handling of direction switches when the following conditions are satisfied.
Only one of direction switches is pressed ON (Tilt Up/Down , Telescope Forward/Backward).
Manual has priority although self-diagnosis actuator operation order is received (actuator operation ignorance)
Soft Limit Setting By Manual Switches
The LIMIT must be renewal in all range by MANUAL operation at the first setting of LIMIT
If the error is occurred during operation, after saving the ERROR DATA in EEPROM, easy access position is deleted and only SOFT LIMIT to going direction is deleted.
The LIMIT must be reset in all range and in easy access (get out) after recovery form error.
The SOFT LIMIT is presented ±12PULSE from mechanical limit position
Memory With Position Switches
When no manual operation is performing,
SCM memorizes position once if one of Mem P1 CMD or Mem P2 CMD command is changed to ON.
Memory enable
CAN signal Mem ENB=Enable
Memory operation
If CAN signal Mem P1 CMD=P1 or Mem P2 CMD=P2 is received, SCM memorize a present Tilt & Telescope position
The notice about memory
Memory must not be clear even though battery is removed.
Arbitration Control
Tilt & Telescope function is carried out according to the following priority table. If Tilt & Telescope requirement happen same time.

* "-" : Non-existence condition
Memory power seat switch Repair procedures
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Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Schematic Diagrams
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