Hyundai Genesis: AVN System / Steering Wheel Remote Controller (SWRC) Description and Operation

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / AVN System / Steering Wheel Remote Controller (SWRC) Description and Operation

The steering wheel remote controller (SWR) is composed of four switches and the right top switch is equipped with the Body CAN communication module.
The left bottom remote controller is either a general type or a haptic type. The right switch collects signals from the left switch.
These CAN signals are delivered through SRC (clock spring) to BCM via Body CAN.
BCM deliver them via M CAN to the dashboard and AVN system so that they can be used for the operation of the dashboard and AVN system.
A Haptic Steering Warning System is to deliver the warning message to the driver with the vibration on the steering wheel.
It is composed of the haptic unit (A) and vibration generating motor (B) implanted on the steering system as shown in the following photo.

Steering Wheel Remote Controller (SWRC) Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

Steering Wheel Remote Controller (SWRC) Repair procedures
Inspection     Steering Wheel Remote Control system (SWRC) can be diagnosed by GDS because it receives and sends signals through CAN communication. 1. Check for resistance b ...

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