Hyundai Genesis: Panorama Sunroof / Roller Blind Repair procedures

Open the roller blind by pushing the panorama sunroof switch.
Leave 10 ~ 20cm (0.3937 ~ 0.7874 in) of the roller blind unopened.

Remove the roof trim.
(Refer to Roof Trim - "Roof Trim Assembly")
Remove the roller blind bar by inserting the flathead screwdriver between the upper portion of front roller blind shoe (A) and the roller blind bar (B).

After loosening the mounting TORX screws, remove the roller blind bracket (A).

Remove the roller blind (B) from the groove (A) on the roller blind bracket side.

Install the roller blind side bracket (A) fit into the guide groove (B). Insert the roller blind (A) into the groove (B) on the roller blind bracket side.

Tighten the mounting TORX screws after installing the roller blind bracket (A).

Install the roller blind bar (A) on top of the roller blind shoe (B).

Put the roller blind bar (A) into the roller blind shoe (B).

Install the roof trim.
Fully close the movable glass using the panorama sunroof switch.
Panorama Sunroof Deflector Repair procedures
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Panorama Sunroof Assembly Repair procedures
Removal     • In order to remove the panorama sunroof assembly, use the tools shown in the following figure: [Tooling Diagram] Square wire Insert-type wire grip [Tooli ...

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