Hyundai Genesis: Panorama Sunroof / Repair procedures

Inspect Glass Alignment
Check the alignment of the movable glass (C) located between the front (A) and rear (B) glass and adjust it if necessary.

Alignment adjustment
Standard value [mm(in.)]
(1) Front edge : 0 mm (0 in.)
(2) Rear edge : 0 mm (0 in.)

Completely open the movable glass using the panorama sunroof switch.
Separate both decoration covers (A) and then remove the folding cover (B).

By pushing the panorama sunroof switch, fully close the movable glass.
Adjust the height of the glass by slightly loosening the screws (A).
Be careful not to damage the screw.

Emergency operation
Use the panorama sunroof emergency operation only when opening or closing the sunroof is necessary because of the engine problem.
Use a hexagon wrench to open or close the panorama sunroof after removing the roof trim. Do not apply too much force when opening or closing the panorama sunroof.
[Movable Glass Motor "A"]

[Roller Blind Motor "B"]

If needed, initialize the panorama sunroof according to the initialization method.
Components and Components Location
Components 1. Roller blind bracket2. Roller blind 3. Mechanism rail assembly4. Motor5. Panorama sunroof frame assembly6. Front glass7. Roof side moulding8. Movable glass 9. Wind deflector10. Rear ...

Movable Glass Repair procedures
Replacement 1. By pushing the panorama sunroof switch, fully open the movable glass. 2. Separate both decoration covers (A) and then remove the folding cover (B). 3. By pushing the panoram ...

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