Hyundai Genesis: Electric parking brake (EPB) / Releasing the parking brake

To release the EPB (Electric Parking Brake), press the EPB switch in the following condition:

  • Place the Engine Start/Stop button in the ON position.
  • Depress the brake pedal.

Make sure the Parking Brake Warning Light goes off.

To release EPB (Electric Parking Brake) automatically:

• Shift lever in P (Park)

With the engine running depress the brake pedal and shift out of P (Park) to R (Rear) or D (Drive).

• Shift lever in N (Neutral)

With the engine running depress the brake pedal and shift out of N (Neutral) to R (Rear) or D (Drive).

• Satisfy the following conditions

1. Start the engine.

2. Fasten the driver's seat belt.

3. Close the driver's door, engine hood and trunk.

4. Depress the accelerator pedal while the shift lever is in D (Drive) or Sports mode.

Make sure the Parking Brake Warning Light goes off.


  • For your safety, you can engage the EPB even though the Engine Stop/Start button is in the OFF position, but you cannot release it.
  • For your safety, depress the brake pedal and release the parking brake manually with the EPB switch when you drive downhill or when backing up the vehicle.


  • If the Parking Brake Warning Light is still on even though the EPB has been released, have your vehicle checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
  • Do not drive your vehicle with the EPB applied. It may cause excessive brake pad and brake rotor wear.

When the EPB (Electric Parking Brake) does not release:

Contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer by loading the vehicle on a flatbed tow truck and have the system checked.

EPB (Electric Parking Brake) may be automatically applied when:

  • The EPB is overheated
  • Requested by other systems
  • The engine is turned off with the EPB applied


If the driver turns the engine off while Auto Hold is operating, EPB will be automatically applied. However, if you press the EPB switch within one second after the engine is turned off, the EPB will not be applied.

Electric parking brake (EPB)
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