Hyundai Genesis: Air Conditioning System / Refrigerant Line Repair procedures

Discharge refrigerant from refrigeration system.
Replace any faulty tubes or hoses.
Cap the open fittings immediately to keep moisture or dirt out of the system.
Tighten the bolt or nut joint to the specified torque.
The torque for the connections should not be tighter than the specified torque.
Evacuate air from the refrigeration system and charge the system with refrigerant.

Specified amount:
700 ± 25 g (24.7 ± 0.88 oz.)

Inspect for leakage of refrigerant.
Using a gas leak detector, check for leakage of refrigerant.
Inspect A/C operation.
Replacement of Component Parts
When replacing the system component parts, supply the following amount of oil to the component parts to be installed.
Component parts to be installed
Amount of Oil
50 cc (1.70 fl.oz)
30 cc (1.02 fl.oz)
30 cc (1.02 fl.oz)
Refrigerant line (One piece)
10 cc (0.34 fl.oz)

For compressor Replacement, subtract the volume of oil drained from the removed compressor from the specified volume, and drain the calculated volume of oil from the new compressor:
The specified volume - volume of removed compressor = volume to be drained from the new compressor.
Even if no oil is drained from the removed compressor, do not drain more than 50cc from a new compressor.
Compressor oil Repair procedures
Oil Specification 1. The HFC-134a system requires synthetic (PAG) compressor oil whereas the R-12 system requires mineral compressor oil. The two oils must never be mixed. 2. Compressor (P ...

Compressor Description and Operation
Description The compressor is the power unit of the A/C system. It is located on the side of engine block and driven by a V-belt of the engine. The compressor changes low-pressure and low-tempera ...

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