Hyundai Genesis: Trunk / Power Trunk

(1) Power Trunk Main Control button
(2) Power Trunk Open button

(3) Power Trunk Close button
(4) Power Trunk Lock button

To open:

1. Make sure the shift lever is in P (Park).

2. Then do one of the following:

- Press the Smart Key Trunk Unlock button for more than one second.
- Press the Open button (2) on the trunk. You need the Smart Key in your possession, when all doors are locked.
- Press the Power Trunk Main Control button (1).

To close:

Do one of the following:

- Press the Power Trunk Main Control button (1) until the Power Trunk is closed securely.
- Press the Close button (3) on the trunk.
- Press the Lock button (4) on the trunk while carrying the Smart Key with all the vehicle’s doors closed. All doors will lock and arm the theft alarm system.

If you push a button or switch while the trunk is opening or closing, it could stop moving. Press any button to operate the Power Trunk again.


The Power Trunk Lock button will not work if you press the button when:

- Any door is open.
- The Engine Start/Stop button is not in the OFF position.
- The Smart Key is in the vehicle.


Never leave children or animals unattended in your vehicle. Children or animals might operate the power trunk that could result in injury to themselves or others, or damage to the vehicle.


Always keep the trunk lid completely closed while the vehicle is in motion. If it is left open or ajar, poisonous exhaust gases containing carbon monoxide (CO) may enter the vehicle and serious illness or death may result.


Make sure there are no people or objects around the trunk before opening or closing the Power Trunk.Wait until the trunk is open fully and stopped before loading or unloading cargo from the vehicle.


  • Do not close or open the Power Trunk manually. This may cause damage to the Power Trunk. If it is necessary to close or open the Power Trunk manually when the battery is drained or disconnected, do not apply excessive force.
  • Do not leave the Power Trunk open for a long period of time. This may drain the battery.
  • To prevent damage to the trunk lift cylinders and the attached hardware, always close the trunk before driving.


In cold and wet climates, trunk lock and trunk mechanisms may not work properly due to freezing conditions.

Power Trunk Non-Opening or Closing Conditions:

  • The Power Trunk will not open or close automatically, when the vehicle is moving more than 1.8 mph (3 km/h).
  • The Power Trunk can be operated when the engine is not running. However, the Power Trunk operation consumes large amounts of vehicle electric power. To prevent the battery from draining, do not operate it excessively (e.g., more than approximately 10 times repeatedly.)
  • Do not modify or repair any part of the Power Trunk by yourself. This must be done by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
  • Before jacking up the vehicle to change a tire or repair the vehicle, open the Power Trunk. Do not operate the Power Trunk when the vehicle is raised or this could cause the Power Trunk to operate improperly.
  • If there are obstacles such as snow on the Power Trunk, it may not open automatically. After removing the obstacle, try to open it again.

Automatic stop and reverse

If, during power opening or closing, the trunk is blocked by an object or part of someone’s body, the power trunk will detect the resistance and it will stop movement or move to the full open position to allow the object to be cleared.

However, if the resistance is weak such as from an object that is thin or soft, or the trunk is near the latched position, the automatic stop and reversal may not detect the resistance and the closing operation will continue. Also, if the Power Trunk is forced by a strong impact, the automatic stop and reversal may operate.

If the automatic stop and reverse feature operates more than twice during one opening or closing operation, the Power Trunk may stop at that position. If this occurs, close the trunk manually and operate the trunk automatically again.


To prevent serious injury and damage take the following precautions when operating the power trunk:

- Keep all faces, hands, arms, body parts and other objects away from the path of the power trunk.
- Do not intentionally place any body parts or objects in the path of the power trunk to make sure the automatic stop and reversal operates.
- Do not allow children to play with the power trunk.

To reset the power trunk

If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, or if the related fuse has been replaced or disconnected, reset the Power Trunk as follows:

1. Move the shift lever to the P (Park) position.

2. Close the trunk manually.

If the Power Trunk doesn't work properly after performing the above procedure, have the system checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Trunk lid control button

When the trunk lid control button is UNLOCK (button not pressed), the power trunk can be controlled with the power trunk main control button, power trunk open, close button, and the smart key.

When this trunk lid control button is LOCK (button pressed), the power trunk can be controlled using the mechanical key of the smart key only.

Even though the trunk lid control button is LOCK (button pressed), the trunk will still be propelled upward by mechanical force if the trunk is manually opened more than 10 degrees beyond the fully closed position. In addition, if the trunk is manually closed to the secondary latch position, the trunk will be electrically moved to the fully latched position.


  • Always keep the Trunk Lid Control Button in the LOCK (button pressed) position when not in use. Serious injury or death can result from unintentional operation by a child.
  • Make sure heads, other body parts or other obstacles are safely out of the way before operating the power trunk.


Close the trunk, and keep the trunk lid control button in the LOCK (button pressed) position before washing the vehicle in an automatic car wash.

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