Hyundai Genesis: Seat Electrical / Power seat control switch Repair procedures

Power seat switch sends/receives signals via CAN communication so it is impossible to check the electric current of switch components.

Inspect the power seat system using GDS.
Check the power seat switch for normal operation by selecting "Actuation test" or "Current data".
Disconnect the battery terminals(-).
Remove the front seat shield outer cover.
(Refer to Body - "Front Seat Shield Outer Cover" )

Loosen the screws and remove the electric seat control switch (A).

Install the Electric seat control switch
Install the front seat shield outer cover
Connect the battery terminals.
Power seat control switch Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram [A type of driver's seat] [B type of driver's seat] [C type of driver's seat] [D type of driver's seat] [A type Assist] [B type Assist] [C type Assist] ...

Fuel Filler Door

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