Hyundai Genesis: Power Trunk Module / Power Latch Assembly Repair procedures

Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the trunk lid trim after opening the trunk.
(Refer to Body - "Trunk Lid Trim")
Remove the power latch (A) after disconnecting the connector (B) and mounting bolts.

Remove the power cinching actuator (A) after disconnecting connector and mounting bolts.

Install the power latch after connecting the connector and mounting bolts.
Install the trunk trim.
Check that the power trunk module operates normally after connecting the negative (-) battery terminal.
Disconnect the power latch and cinching connectors.

Connect the power latch terminals directly to battery voltage (12V) and check that the motor operates smoothly.

Connect the power cinching terminals directly to battery voltage (12V) and check that the motor operates smoothly.

Power Latch Assembly Inspection with GDS
In the body electrical system, failure can be quickly diagnosed by using the vehicle diagnostic system (GDS).
Self diagnosis : Checking failure and code number (DTC)
Current data : Checking the system input/output data state
Actuation test : Checking the system operation condition
Additional function : Controlling other features including system option setting and zero point adjustment
Select the 'Car model' and the system to be checked in order to check the vehicle with the tester.
Select the 'Power Trunk Module(PTM)' to check the Power trunk module(PTM).
Select the "Current date" menu to search the current state of the input/output data.
The input/output data for the sensors corresponding to the Power Trunk Module(PTM) can be checked.

Power Latch Assembly Description and Operation
Description 1. Power latch lock flow A. When the trunk being open closes, the striker get locked. B. The CLAW rotates (1st step close). C. When the 1st step close is detected, the cinchi ...

Power Trunk Inner Switch Components and Components Location
Component ...

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