Hyundai Genesis: Power Trunk Module / Power Latch Assembly Description and Operation

Power latch lock flow

When the trunk being open closes, the striker get locked.
The CLAW rotates (1st step close).
When the 1st step close is detected, the cinching cable starts rotating.
The cinching lever starts operating.
The CLAW rotates for the operation of the cinching lever. (2nd step close)
Trunk is completely closed.
Power latch unlock flow
(1) The operation principle of PTM unlock process is equal to that of the general trunk latch.
(2) The unlock process is completed by using the motor in the power latch.
Power Latch Assembly Components and Components Location
Component ...

Power Latch Assembly Repair procedures
Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the trunk lid trim after opening the trunk. (Refer to Body - "Trunk Lid Trim") 3. Remove the power latch (A) after disco ...

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