Hyundai Genesis: Warning Messages / Low Tire Pressure. Low Washer Fluid

Low Tire Pressure

• This warning message illuminates if the tire pressure is low with the Engine Start/Stop button in ON position.

Low Washer Fluid

  • This warning message illuminates on the service reminder mode if the washer fluid level in the reservoir is nearly empty.
  • It means that you should refill the washer fluid.
Check BRAKE SWITCH fuse. Turn on "FUSE SWITCH"
Check BRAKE SWITCH fuse This warning message illuminates if the brake switch fuse is disconnected. It means that you should replace the fuse with a new one. If that is not possible, y ...

Check BSD System. Check PSB
Check BSD System • This warning message illuminates if there is a malfunction with the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system. And the BSD system will be automatically deactivated. In this c ...

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