Hyundai Genesis: Warning Messages / Check BRAKE SWITCH fuse. Turn on "FUSE SWITCH"


  • This warning message illuminates if the brake switch fuse is disconnected.
  • It means that you should replace the fuse with a new one. If that is not possible, you can start the engine by pressing the Engine Start/Stop button for 10 seconds in the ACC position.


  • This warning message illuminates if the fuse switch under the steering wheel is OFF.
  • It means that you should turn the fuse switch on.
Door / Hood / Trunk Open. Sunroof Open. Window Open
Door / Hood / Trunk Open • It means that any door, hood, or trunk is open. Sunroof Open • This warning message illuminates if you turn off the engine when the sunroof is open. Window ...

Low Tire Pressure. Low Washer Fluid
Low Tire Pressure • This warning message illuminates if the tire pressure is low with the Engine Start/Stop button in ON position. Low Washer Fluid This warning message illuminates ...

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