Hyundai Genesis: Hydraulic System / Fluid Repair procedures

Service Adjustment Procedure
Oil level Check
The ATF level check is not normally required during scheduled services. If an oil leak is found, perform the oil level check procedure after repairs are completed.
When checking the oil level, be careful not to allow dust, foreign materials, etc. to enter the fill hole.
Start the engine. (Don’t step on brake and accelerator simultaneously).
Confirm that the temperature of the A/T oil temperature sensor is 50~60°C(122~140°F) with the GDS.
Shift the shift lever slowly from "P" to"D" to "P" at idle. Repeat one time.
Shift the select lever to "N".
Keep each shift position for more than 2 seconds.
Lift the vehicle, then remove the oil level check plug (A) from the valve body cover.
At this time, the vehicle must be on level ground.

If there is no oil drain or the amount of drained oil is very low (within 20cc), add ATF SP-IV-RR 650cc to the ATF injection hole (A).
If oil starts to overflow from the oil level check plug, you must stop adding oil

If the oil flows out of the oil level check plug in a thin steady stream, the level is normal.
Then finish the procedure and tighten the oil level check plug.
Oil level check method (for excess or shortage)
Excess: The quantity of drained oil exceeds 500cc per minute.(Let oil flow until oil stream becomes thin)
Shortage: If there is no drain after adding 650cc of ATF.(Add more ATF oil until oil starts to drain)
If there is no damage at the automatic transmission and the oil cooler, the oil cooler hose, transmission case, valve body tightening state are normal, ATF must drip out after performing 1 to 6 procedures above. If the oil doesn’t drip out, inspect the automatic transmission assembly.
Replace the gasket before reinstalling the oil level check plug.

Oil level check plug tightening torque:
22.6 ~ 24.5 N.m (2.3 ~ 2.5 kgf.m, 16.6 ~ 18.1 lb-ft)

After ATF level check or exchange, be sure to remove ATF from outside automatic transmission.
(Must make sure to remove the residual ATF between automatic transmission case and valve body cover.)
Put down the vehicle with the lift.
ATF of 8 speed automatic transmission doesn’t need to be replaced in normal usage.
If the vehicle is used for the business purpose or under severe conditions, replace ATF every 60,000 miles.
Severe conditions are as follows:
Driving on rough road (Bumpy, Gravel, Snowy, Unpaved road, etc.)
Driving on mountain road or ascent/descent
Repetition of short distance driving
More than 50% operation in heavy city traffic in hot weather above 30°C(89.6°F) .
Police car, taxi, commercial vehicle or towing trailer etc.
Remove the drain plug (A) and reinstall the drain plug after draining ATF totally.

Drain plug tightening torque:
22.6 ~ 24.5 N.m (2.3 ~ 2.5 kgf.m, 16.6 ~ 18.1 lb-ft)

Replace the gasket before reinstalling the drain plug.
Fill the oil of about 7.0 liters through oil injection hole.
Check the oil level.
(Refer to Hydraulic system- "Fluid")
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