Hyundai Genesis: IMS(Integrated Memory System) / Description and Operation

The optimal seat position set by the driver is memorized into the power seat unit by using IMS switch. In case of the position change, the seat can restore its preset position by IMS switch.
It has safety functions of restoring process prohibition during driving and of emergency stop of the linked motion.
The main functions are as follows.
Manual operation: Motor control with the seat manual switch.
The position of the seat is changed by operating the motor when the signal is input with manual switch for the seat (Slide, recline, front tilt, rear height adjusting cushion extension)
Memory function : Available for memorizing/reproducing the data for two persons with IMS switch.
The memorized motion for the optimal seat position set by the driver based on the CAN data with ?DDM > IMS module?with IMS switch.
Reproduction by the CAN data received from DDM during IMS switch controlling.
Motion linked to getting on/off
This function links motion depending on the state of ON/OFF the engine.
Use of IMS CAN data communcation.
Condition for operating getting on : When the electric power is in ACC.
Reproducing motion
If the reproduction CAN data is received from DDM, the buzzer is issued one time and the seat is automatically moved to the memorized position.
The CAN data not memorized does not perform reproduction function.
If CAN data is newly received during previous data reproduction, the final data takes precedence.
If the reproduction CAN data is received by pressing button 1 or 2 during reproduction, the seat stops the reproduction process.
If the memorized CAN data is received by pressing SET button during reproduction, the seat stops the reproduction process.
Press the SET button once more to store the position of stop.
Automatically stop when remart switch is OFF during reproduction.
Do not operate the motor when the difference between the memorized position for reproduction and current position is less than 4 pulses.
Conditions for prohibiting the reproduction
In case any of the following conditions is met, the reproduction is prohibited and the controlling stops during reproduction.
IGN2 OFF (Excluding within 30 seconds after door opening or closing.)
Higher than 3km/h of vehicle speed
When the switch is controlled manually
Operation time chart

Decision on the operation priority
For automatic control, the motor operation shall be delayed by 100±10m sec to prevent the overlapping of inrush circuit and in this case the priority shall be given as follows.
Slide > Backrest adjustment >Front height adjustment >Rear height adjustment > Cushion extension adjustment
Operation time chart

Operation linked with getting on/getting off
Returning motion to backwards during getting off and to forwards during getting on (applied only to slide).
It is available when the automatic SET message transmitted from the driver seat power window switch (DDM) is ON.
Operation starts when the engine is off and driver seat door is opened.
Moving to the targeted position of ACC ON.
Conditions for prohibiting operation.
Vehicle speed is 3km/h or more.
Power seat manual control switch is operated.
Reproduction command is received while getting on the vehicle.
Driver settings menu (USM) is OFF.
Schematic Diagrams
Components ...

Memory power seat unit Components and Components Location
Components NOConnecter AConnecter BConnecter CConnecter D1-B+ (Power)--2Cushion extension moter(Front)GND (Power)B CAN High-3Front tilt motor(UP)B+ (Power)B CAN LowSlide hall sensor4Back motor(Fr ...

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