Hyundai Genesis: Engine Control System / CVVT Oil Temperature Sensor (OTS) Repair procedures

Turn the ignition switch OFF.
Disconnect the OTS connector.
Remove the OTS (Refer to "Removal").
After immersing the thermistor of the sensor into engine coolant, measure resistance between the OTS terminals 1 and 2.
Check that the resistance is within the specification.

Specification: Refer to “Specification”

Turn the ignition switch OFF and disconnect the battery negative (-) cable.
Remove the air cleaner assembly.
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Intake and Exhaust System")
Remove the delivery pipe and injector.
(Refer to Fuel Delivery System - "Delivery Pipe")
Disconnect the connector (A), and then remove the CVVT oil temperature sensor (B).

When removing and installing the oil temperature sensor, use a deep socket as shown in the image below.
3/8" drive deep socket (24mm) with the thin wall and the length less than 75mm.

[Arrangement of tools for removing oil temperature sensor]

24mm deep socket
1/2" to 3/8" drive socket adapter (only if using 1/2" drive deep socket)
3/8" universal joint
3/8" extension bar
Socket wrench
[Installation order for tools]
Insert a 24 mm (0.94 in.) deep socket (A) to the oil temperature sensor.

After connecting other tools as arranged in the above image, insert the tools (A) to socket.

Install the component with the specified torques.
Note that internal damage may occur if the component drops. In this case, inspect it before installation.
Apply the sealant (LOCTITE FED546 or equivalent) to the sensor.
Insert the sensor in the installation hole and be careful not to damage during installation.
To install, reverse the removal procedure.

CVVT oil temperature sensor installation:
14.7 ~ 21.6 N.m (1.5 ~ 2.2 kgf.m, 10.8 ~ 15.9 lb-ft)

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