Hyundai Genesis: Automatic Transmission Control System / Components and Components Location

Components Location
[Vehicle Components]

1. Transmission Control Module(TCM)
2. Injector Driver Box(IDB)
3. Engine Control Module(ECM)
4. Shift lever
5. Date Link Connector (DLC)

[Transmission Components]

1. Input speed sensor
2. Middle speed sensor
3. Output speed sensor
4. E Module assembly
5. Line pressure control solenoid valve
6. Damper clutch control solenoid valve
7. ON/OFF solenoid valve
8. Valve body assembly
9. 8LR/B control solenoid valve
10. 6/C control solenoid valve
11. 27/B control solenoid valve
12. 35R/C control solenoid valve
13. 4&OD/C control solenoid valve
14. UD/C control solenoid valve

Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

Transmission Control Module (TCM) Description and Operation
Description Transmission Control Module (TCM) plays a role of the brain for the automatic transmission. The module receives and processes signals from various sensors and implements a wide ran ...

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