Hyundai Genesis: Driving your vehicle / Blind Spot Detection System (BSD)

The Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) uses a radar sensor to alert the driver.

It senses the rear side territory of the vehicle and provides an indication to the driver if it detects an object approaching from these areas.

(1) BSD (Blind Spot Detection)

The warning range depends on your vehicle speed. However, if your vehicle is much faster than the other vehicle, the system will not warn you.

(2) LCA (Lane Change Assist)

If the system detects a vehicle approaching you at high speed, the system will warn you.

(3) RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert)

If the sensor detects an approaching vehicle from the left and right side as your vehicle moves rearward, the system will warn you.


  • Always check the road condition while driving for unexpected situations even though the Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) is operating.
  • The Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) is a supplemental system to assist you. Do not solely rely on the system and always pay attention and drive safely.
  • The Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) is not a substitute for proper and safe driving. Always drive safely and use caution when changing lanes or backing the vehicle up. The Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) may not detect every object alongside the vehicle.


As the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system is a supplemental device for your safe driving, it may be dangerous to rely on only the BSD information of the head up display image when changing the lane. Always pay attention to drive safely.

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