Hyundai Genesis: LCD display / ASCC/LKAS Mode. A/V Mode


This mode displays the state of the Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).

A/V Mode

This mode displays the state of the A/V system.

Trip Computer Mode. Turn By Turn (TBT) Mode
Trip Computer Mode This mode displays driving information like the tripmeter, fuel economy, and so on. Turn By Turn (TBT) Mode This mode displays the state of the navigation. ...

Information Mode
Tire pressure information This mode informs of tire pressure information. Service Interval Service in It calculates and displays when you need a scheduled maintenance service (mileage or ...

Other information:

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Description and Operation

Description The cruise control system is operated by the cruise “ON/OFF” main switch located on the right side of the steering wheel column. The system has the capability to cruise, coast, accelerate and resume speed. It also has a safety interrupt function, engaged by depressing brake ...

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Schematic Diagrams

Circuit Diagram ESC connector input/output Pin NoDescriptionCurrent(m/A)Resistance(m/?)MAX1Battery 2 (+) 137102POWERTRAIN CAN LOW302503---4---5---6---7---8---9---10---11Parking brake switch1025012---13Ground1371014POWERTRAIN CAN HIGH3025015Auto Hold Switch 1025016Stop Lamp Switch1025017Wheel s ...

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