Hyundai Genesis: RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) / Non-operating condition

Outside rearview mirror may not alert the driver when:

- The outside rearview mirror housing is damaged or covered with debris.
- The window is covered with debris.
- The windows are severely tinted.


The driver must be cautious in the below situations for the system may not detect other vehicles or objects in certain circumstances.

- Curved roads, tollgates, etc.
- The surrounding of the sensor is polluted with rain, snow, mud, etc
- The rear bumper near the sensor is covered or hidden with a foreign matter such as a sticker, bumper guard, bicycle stand etc.
- The rear bumper is damaged or the sensor is out of place.
- The height of the vehicle is altered such as when the trunk is loaded with heavy objects, or there is low tire pressure etc.
- Bad weather such as heavy rain or snow.
- A fixed object is near such as a guardrail, tunnel, human and animal etc.
- Metal substances are near the vehicles such as in a construction area.
- A big vehicle is near such as a bus or truck.
- A motorcycle or bicycle is near.
- A flat trailer is near.
- If the vehicle has started at the same time as the vehicle next to you and has accelerated.
- When the other vehicle passes by at a higher rate of speed.
- When changing lanes.
- When going down or up a steep road where the height of the lane is different.
- When the other vehicle drives very close.
- When a trailer or carrier is installed.
- When the temperature of the rear bumper is high.
- When the sensors are covered by a wall or a pillar of a parking lot.
- When your vehicle is backing up, if the detected vehicle also backs up.
- Small objects like shopping carts and strollers.
- If there is a vehicle with decreased ride height (lowered).
- When the vehicle is close to another vehicle.
- When the vehicle in the next lane moves two lanes away from you OR when the vehicle two lanes away moves to the next lane from you.
- When driving through a narrow road with many trees or bushes.

Warning type
If the vehicle detected by the sensors approaches your vehicle, the warning chime will sound, the warning light on the outside rearview mirror will blink and a message will appear on the L ...

Special driving conditions
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