Hyundai Genesis: Maintenance / Light bulbs

Consult an authorized HYUNDAI dealer to replace most vehicle light bulbs. It is difficult to replace vehicle light bulbs because other parts of the vehicle must be removed before you can get to the bulb. This is especially true for removing the headlamp assembly to get to the bulb(s).

Removing/installing the headlamp assembly can result in damage to the vehicle.


After heavy driving, rain or washing, headlamp and trunk lenses could appear frosty. This condition is caused by the temperature difference between the lamp inside and the outside temperature. This is similar to the condensation on your windows inside your vehicle during the rain and doesn’t indicate a problem with your vehicle. If the water leaks into the lamp bulb circuitry, have your vehicle checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


  • Prior to replacing a lamp, depress the foot brake, move the shift lever into P (Park) apply the parking brake, press the Engine Start/Stop button to the OFF position, and take the key with you when leaving the vehicle to avoid sudden movement of the vehicle and to prevent possible electric shock.
  • Be aware the bulbs may be hot and may burn your fingers.
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Headlamp, position lamp, turn signal lamp, side marker and front fog lamp bulb replacement
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