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Lift And Support Points
When heavy rear components such as suspension, fuel tank, spare tire, tailgate and trunk lid are to be removed, place additional weight in the luggage area before hoisting. When substantial weight is removed from the rear of the vehicle, the center of gravity may change and can cause the vehicle to tip forward on the hoist.
With each tire/wheel assembly weighing approximately 30lbs (14kg), placing the front wheels in the luggage area can help the weight distribution.
Use the same support points to support the vehicle on safety stands.
Place the lift blocks under the support points as shown in the illustration.
Raise the hoist a few inches (centimeters) and rock the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle is firmly supported.
Raise the hoist to full height to check whether the vehicle is firmly supported.

Do not jack up about 180mm (7.1 in.) from the edge of S/SILL MLD's.
Place the support within 45mm (1.7in.) from the back or forth of jack up notch.

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