Hyundai Genesis: Outside rearview mirror / Folding/Unfolding the outside rearview mirror

The outside rearview mirror can be folded or unfolded by pressing the switch when:

Left (1) : The mirror will unfold.

Right (2) : The mirror will fold.

Center (AUTO) :

The mirror will fold or unfold automatically as follows:

- The door is locked or unlocked by the smart key.
- The door is locked or unlocked by the button on the outside door handle.

The mirror will unfold when you approach the vehicle (all doors closed and locked) with a smart key in possession.


The electric type outside rearview mirror operates even though the Engine Start/Stop button is in the OFF position. However, to prevent unnecessary battery discharge, do not adjust the mirrors longer than necessary while the engine is not running.


Do not fold the electric type outside rearview mirror by hand. It could cause motor failure.

Outside rearview mirror
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Reverse parking aid function
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