Hyundai Genesis: Timing System / Drive Belt Repair procedures

Removal and Installation
Disconnect the battery "-" terminal from the trunk room.
Remove the engine cover.
(Refer to Engine And Transaxle Assembly - "Engine Cover")
Remove the engine room cover.
(Refer to Engine And Transaxle Assembly - "Engine Cover")
Turn the tensioner (B) clockwise and loosen it, then remove the drive belt (A).

When installing the drive belt, follow the order below.
crankshaft pulley > A/C compressor pulley > Idler Pulley > alternator pulley > water pump pulley > drive belt auto tensioner pulley.
Rotate the auto tensioner arm by turning the auto tensioner arm boss (B) counterclockwise using a wrench.
To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Inspect Drive Belt
Visually check the belt for excessive wear, frayed cords etc.
If any defect has been found, replace the drive belt.
Cracks on the rib side of a belt are considered acceptable. If the belt has chunks missing from the ribs, it should be replaced.

Drive belt, Idler, Belt tensioner pulley
Check the idler for excessive oil leakage, abnormal rotation or vibration. Replace the idler if necessary.
Check the belt tensioner for excessive dust, crack, and damage and inspect it Replace if necessary.
Check the belt replacement cycle, and inspect the belt for the abnormal wear of v-ripped part and uneven wear if necessary.
Check the crankshaft pulley, auxiliary pulley for vibration when rotating, and V-ribbed part for foreign materials or uneven contact. Replace the components if necessary.
Components and Components Location
Components 1. Drive belt2. Drive belt tensioner3. Crankshaft pulley4. Water pump pulley5. Idler6. Cylinder head cover7. Exhaust camshaft OCV cap 1. Timing chain cover2. Oil pump sprocket3. O ...

Idler Components and Components Location
Components 1. Idler ...

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