Hyundai Genesis: Parking Guide System (PGS) / Description and Operation

Control Function
This system supports 2 kinds of main function. (Rear video display function, Expected trace of wheels display function)
The Rear video display and the expected trace of wheels display operate according to Vehicle speed condition and Gear position.
Rear View Monitoring Function

The PGS supplies power to Rear Camera(@Speed ? 30KPH, Rear view mode). It is to prevent delay time that causes switching process from Front Camera to Rear Camera, or vice versa.
The Rear Video comes out when the gear changes to R position in the ready state. The Rear Video is not related to speed of vehicle. Following the OPTION, The Guide line with the wheel angle and(or) Neutrality guide line are overlaid on Rear Video image.
Rear View Mode Function
PGS action condition to display rear view camera is as follows.
When IGN1 signal is ON.
When R position signal is ON and P position signal is OFF.
If all of upper operation conditions are satisfied, PGS operates to rear mode. It is not related to the vehicle speed.
Backward Route Display By Steering Wheel Angle
The Rear View mode contains the functionality to overlap guide lines on the camera video image.
Estimated path related to the steering wheel angle
Estimated path in neutral steering wheel position :
The composition of guide lines is as follows.

0.5m from the rear bumper
1.0m from the rear bumper
3.0m from the rear bumper
The route of wheel of a driver side
Width : Vehicle Width + 30cm
The route of wheel of assist side
Width : Vehicle Width + 30cm
Components and Components Location
System Diagram 1. PGS Unit2. AVN monitor (LCD)3. Rear view camera ...

PGS Unit (Back & Blinde Unit) Components and Components Location
Components ...

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