Hyundai Genesis: Power Trunk Module / Description and Operation

Power Trunk Lid (PTL) System : The system automatically opens and closes a vehicle’s trunk lid and has the lid stop in a specific position using the interior switches (crash pad switch, pushbutton switch inside the trunk, trunk lid outside handle) and remote control device. Power Trunk Module (PTM) transmits/receives vehicle information via CAN communication with ECUs with the aim of determining the trunk position (open or close) and performing self diagnosis.
Trunk Position And Direction
The PTL System will measure the Trunk Position via an integrated hall sensor inside the drive unit motor. The moving direction of trunk lid will be detected by analyzing the current direction of the motor. The hall sensor counting (position detection) is active during power operation mode and during manual mode.
Drive motor power control
The drive motor power will be controlled by using a PWM (power motor) with a frequency of 20 kHz. Depending on the expected and the actual trunk lid speed, the ECU will adjust the power motor to achieve the requested opening and closing speed.
Trunk speed control
For controlling the trunk lid speed overcoming aging, temperature effects and vehicle inclination a regulation is included. The regulation is comparing the actual motor speed with the requested motor speed. Depending on the comparison result, the speed will be adjusted, buy increasing or decreasing the power motor.
System Components
Power trunk lid (PTL) drive unit (A).

It is installed inside the left trunk trim of the car and opens and closes the trunk connected to the push rod through the gear motor. It is composed of ECU and drive unit. The drive unit is composed of drive bracket, gear motor, push rod and drive arm.
Power latch assembly (A)

It delivers the signals on the trunk lid opening/closing to the power trunk module drive unit.
It is composed of power latch and cinching actuator.
Cinching actuator (A)

With a built-in motor, the power latch is pulled by unit control of the power trunk module to execute the Step 1/2 locking.
Cinching actuator (A)

For opening or closing, press the power trunk module button (A) on the wireless transmitter more than one second. If the button is pressed again while the trunk is closing, the trunk operation stops.
Trunk inner switch (A)

It is installed in the trim inside the trunk and you cannot manipulate it when the trunk is closed.
If the lock switch is on, PTM unit transmits the trunk lock signal to SMK.
SMK uses bumper antenna to carry out FOB authentication after signal reception. If the registered FOB key is detected, its searches the indoor area.
If all doors are closed and there is no FOB key inside, SMK transmits the door lock command to DDM and the trunk close command to PTM.
DDM and PTM carry out the command and the door is locked and power trunk is closed.

Trunk glove box switch (within the Glove Compartment)

It is mounted in the passenger side glove compartment. It is used to control power trunk LOCK/UNLOCK operation.
Power Trunk Open/Close Flow
Open flow
Open step
Push the trunk outside handle
Switch ON > SJB (Smart junction box) module receive the switch signal
SJB send the open signal to PTM with CAN communication
PTM unit send the unlock output signal to power latch assembly.
PTM actuate the drive motor > Sector gear operation (rotate) > Push rod operation (opened)
Trunk open

Close flow
Open step
Push the trunk inner close switch
PTM actuate the drive motor > Sector gear operation (rotate) > Push rod operation (closed)
Power latch 1st step (close) > Cinching actuator motor operation(rotate)
Cinching actuator cable operation > Power latch 2nd step
Trunk close

Components and Components Location
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Repair procedures
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