Hyundai Genesis: Cylinder Block / Components and Components Location


1. Piston ring
2. Piston
3. Connecting rod
4. Connecting rod upper bearing
5. Piston pin
6. Connecting rod lower bearing
7. Connecting rod bearing cap
8. Baffle plate
9. Upper oil pan
10. Cylinder block
11. Snap ring
12. Water jacket separator 1#
13. Water jacket separator 2#

1. Plug bolt
2. Washer gasket
3. Crankshaft upper bearing
4. Thrust bearing
5. Adapter plate
6. Drive plate
7. Rear oil seal
8. Rear oil seal case
9. Crankshaft
10. Crankshaft lower bearing
11. Main bearing cap
12. Oil cover
13. Oil cover gasket
14. Crankshaft adapter

Cylinder Block

Water Jacket Seperator Components and Components Location
Components 1. Water jacket separator 1#2. Water jacket separator 2#3. Cylinder block ...

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