Hyundai Genesis: ECS(Electronic Control Suspension) System / Components and Components Location


1. ECU
2. Front Continuously Variable Damper
3. Wheel G-Sensors
4. Rear Continuously Variable Damper
5. Body G-Sensors

Components Location

Body G-Sensors
[Right Front]

[Left Front]

[Right Rear]

Wheel G-Sensors [2EA]

Front Continuously Variable Damper [2EA]

Rear Continuously Variable Damper [2EA]

ECS(Electronic Control Suspension) System

Description and Operation
Description Real-time continuous control of the damping force according to vehicle running conditions and the state of road surface will enhance ride comfort and steering safety, including roll ...

Other information:

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Specification Pressure (kPa)Output Voltage (V)20.00.7946.661.84101.324.0 ...

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