Hyundai Genesis: Warning Messages / Check ECS

• This warning message illuminates if there is a malfunction with the Electronic Control Suspension (ECS) system. In this case, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

✽ NOTICE - ECS Warning Message

When there is a malfunction with the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the Electronic Control Suspension (ECS) warning message may illuminate as well as the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Indicator Light.

Check BSD System. Check PSB
Check BSD System • This warning message illuminates if there is a malfunction with the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system. And the BSD system will be automatically deactivated. In this c ...

Check SCC radar. Check SCC System
Check SCC radar If the sensor or cover is dirty or obscured with foreign matter such as snow, the message will appear. Clean the sensor or cover by using a soft cloth. Check SCC System ...

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