Hyundai Genesis: Blind Spot Detection system / Blind Spot Detection Indicator Repair procedures

Blind Spot Detection Warning Indicator
Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the mirror (A).

Blind Spot Detection Warning Indicator
Install the outside mirror.
Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Diagnosis With GDS
In the body electrical system, failure can be quickly diagnosed by using the vehicle diagnostic system (GDS).
The tester (GDS) provides the following information.
Self diagnosis : Checking failure and code number (DCT)
Current data : Checking the system input/output data state
Actuation test : Checking the system operation condition
Additional function : Controlling other features including system option setting and zero point adjustment
Select the 'Car model' and the system to be checked in order to check the vehicle with the tester.
Select the module to be checked after selecting BCM.
Select 'BCM' and 'Driver seat or Assistant seat door module (DDM/ADM)' to check the driver seat or assistant door module (DDM/ADM).
Select the 'Input/Output monitoring" menu to search the current state of the input/output data.
The input/output data for the sensors corresponding to the driver seat or assistant door module(DDM/ADM) can be checked.

If you will check the power door lock operation forcefully, select "Actuation test".

To check the DTC of the DDM/AMD module, select "Diagnostic trouble codes"

Blind Spot Detection Indicator Components and Components Location
Components 1. AVM Camera2. Ambient temperature sensor3. Puddle lamp ...

Head Up Display System

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