Hyundai Genesis: Convenient features of your vehicle / Windows

(1) Driver’s door power window switch
(2) Front passenger’s door power window switch
(3) Rear door (left) power window switch
(4) Rear door (right) power window switch
(5) Window opening and closing
(6) Automatic power window
(7) Power window lock switch

Reverse parking aid function
When you move the shift lever to the R (Reverse) position, the outside rearview mirror(s) will rotate downwards to aid with driving in reverse. The position of the outside rearview mirror ...

Power windows
The Engine Start/Stop button must be in the ON position to be able to raise or lower the windows. Each door has a Power Window switch to control that door's window. The driver has a Power Wi ...

Other information:

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Compression Test

Inspection Compression Pressure     In case of lack of power, excessive oil consumption or poor fuel economy, measure the compression pressure. 1. Warm up engine until the normal operating temperature (80~95°C(176-203°F)). 2. Remove the surge tank. (Refer to I ...

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Hands Free Mic Repair procedures

Inspection 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the overhead console. 3. Remove the handsfree mic (B) after disconnecting the handsfree mic connector (A). 4. Check the continuity of the Mic between terminals using an ohmmeter. ...

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