Hyundai Genesis: General Information / Special Service Tools

Special Service Tools
Tool Name / Number
Crankshaft front oil seal installer

Front oil seal mounting
Crankshaft pulley fixing tool
Crankshaft pulley fixed tool handle

Remove the crankshaft damper pulley and mounting bolts
A : 09231-1S100
B : 09231-2J210
Torque angle adapter

Used for tightening torque-to-yield fasteners to a specified angle
Valve stem seal remover

Valve stem seal installer

Mounting of the valve stem seals
Valve spring compressor
A : 09222-3K000 (Compressor)
B : 09222-3K100 (Holder)

Used for removing / installing intake or exhaust valve
Crankshaft rear oil seal installer
A : 09231-3C200
B : 09231-H1100

Mounting of the crankshaft rear oil seal
Oil pan remover

Remove the oil pan

Troubleshooting SymptomSuspect areaRemedyEngine misfire with abnormal internal lower engine noises.Oil short or oil plethora bearing wearLoose or damaged engine drive plate.Replace the crankshaft ...

Engine And Transaxle Assembly

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