Hyundai Genesis: General Information / Repair procedures

It is necessary to check and input the calibration data when the controller is replaced as the characteristics of the internal frictional materials (clutch pack) change due to driving.
Creation condition and calibration method
In case of replacing the transfer case and ITA (ECU)
Calibration procedure is not required.
In case of replacing the transfer case only.
Perform "the clutch learning reset" procedure.

In case of replacing the ITA (ECU) only
Perform "the ECU Date Back-up & Writing" procedure.

Perform the following procedure in case of the appearance of failure code. (T/C clutch calibration, power down calibration and the HW serialization data input)

In case of the appearance of specific DTC and oil change.
Perform "the Oil data Initialization" procedure.

Description and Operation
Description 1. Description A. This system is to optimize driving performance through distributing the driving force to the front and rear wheels actively depending on the road condition and ...

Transfer Assembly

Other information:

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