Hyundai Genesis: Automatic Transmission System / Repair procedures

End Of Line(EOL) Input
When shift shock occurs or transmission-related parts are replaced, End Of Line(EOL) should be performed.
In the following case, EOL is required.
Transmission assembly replacement
TCM replacement
EOL(Oil-pressure characteristics) Input procedure
In case of changing the transmission assembly and TCM, perform "Oil-pressure characteristics input" procedure with GDS.
Oil-pressure characteristics(Bar code) location

In case of changing the transmission assembly.
Perform "Oil-pressure characteristics input" procedure.
With the internet access (automatic mode): Input serial number of the transmission.
Without the internet access (manual mode): Input the oil-pressure characteristics in the bar code.

With the internet access (automatic mode)

Without the internet access (manual mode)

In case of changing the TCM.
Perform "Oil-pressure characteristics backup & input" procedure.

Perform "Oil-pressure characteristics backup " procedure.

Perform "Oil-pressure characteristics input" procedure.

Automatic Transmission System

Automatic Transmission Components and Components Location
Components Location 2WD 1. Engine2. Transmission3. ATF warmer4. Transmission connector(E-Module connector)5. Inhibitor switch6. Shift cable AWD 1. Engine2. Transmission3. Transfer case ada ...

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