Hyundai Genesis: Windshield Wiper/Washer / Rain Sensor Repair procedures

The dust or foreign substance on the rain sensor has a bad effect upon the rain sensor capability, so protect the sensor surface with protection cover until installing the rain sensor to bracket for accurate function
The coupling pad on the rain sensor surface has adhesive strength, so the coupling pad could stick to the windshield by environment condition during the using time.
If the rain sensor is removed by force, it could be damaged. So make sure to separate the rain sensor from the windshield carefully.
Remove the mirror wiring cover (A) and rain sensor cover (B).

Disconnect the rain sensor connector (A).

Be careful not to damage the cover latch by applying excessive force. To remove the bracket, pull the holes of the bracket outside using a small flat-head screwdriver.

Rain sensor module is attached to the front windshield by glue. When replacing the front windshield, remove the rains sensor module form the existing front windshield and install it on the new front windshield.
If the windshield has the reflection layer which reflects the infrared rays in the sensing field, the integrated rain sensor shall be installed in the field with no reflection layer.
Install the rain sensor after some time and make sure that dust does not settle after installation.
Install the rainsensor bracket to the windshield glass using the tape.

It is very important that the coupling pad pushes the windshield completely to stick to each other without bubbles.
Connect the rainsensor connector, and then install the sensor cover.
Rain Sensor Description and Operation
Description Integrated Rain Sensor Integrated rain sensor (A) controls three systems: front wiper, auto-light, and central air conditioner. 1. Wiper Control System When "AUTO" switch signal i ...

Rear Curtain System

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