Hyundai Genesis: Head Up Display System / Head Up Display Unit Troubleshooting

Error symptoms
inspection item
Detailed inspection item
Related parts
HUD not working
Lighting brightness not automatically controlled (no difference between day and night)
Check the lighting control
Check the ambient light sensor operation
Check the CAN communication
Check the lighting control in the cluster USM
> If working, HUD has no problem.
Check the ambient light sensor operation
> If the ambient light sensor works, check the communications (BCM - HUD)
Light sensor
Adjustment function
Display position not adjusted
Check the mirror movement when IG is on or off (parking position)
If the step motor does not work when IG is on or off,
> The step motor in HUD fails.
If the step motor in HUD works when IG is on or off,
> Check the CAN communications (cluster - HUD)

Head Up Display Unit Repair procedures
Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the head up display bezel (A). 3. Remove the instrument cluster. (Refer to Indicators And Guages - "Instrument Cluster") ...

Parking Guide System (PGS)

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