Hyundai Genesis: Front Door / Front Door Latch Repair procedures

Remove the front door module.
(Refer to Front Door - "Front Door Module")
To remove the front door outside handle base connector (A), widen both sides of the wiring fastener (A) and then push back the front door outside handle base connector.

Loosen the front door regulator module mounting bolt.

Disconnect the front door latch connector (A).
Remove the front door latch assembly (B) by pulling it in the direction of the arrow.

Disconnect the front door inside handle cage and then remove the cable by pushing it rearward.
Disconnect the front door outside the front door handle cable (A) and then remove the support bracket (B).

Install in the reverse order of removal.
Make sure the connector is connected properly.
Make sure the door locks/unlocks and opens/closes properly.
Replace any damaged clips.
Front Door Side Weatherstrip Repair procedures
Replacement 1. Loosen the front door checker (B) mounting bolt. 2. Detach the clips, then remove the front door side weatherstrip (A). Tightening torque : 16.7 ~ 21.6 N.m (1.7 ~ 2.2 kgf.m ...

Rear Door

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