Hyundai Genesis: Cylinder Head Assembly / Cylinder Head Components and Components Location


1. RH intake camshaft OCV
2. Camshaft thrust bearing cap
3. Camshaft bearing cap
4. RH exhaust camshaft
5. RH intake camshaft
6. RH exhaust camshaft CVVT assembly
7. RH intake camshaft CVVT assembly
8. LH exhaust camshaft OCV
9. LH intake camshaft
10. LH exhaust camshaft
11. LH intake camshaft CVVT assembly
12. LH exhaust camshaft CVVT assembly
13. RH exhaust camshaft OCV
14. LH intake camshaft OCV
15. RH cylinder head
16. Fuel pump bracket
17. LH cylinder head
18. RH cylinder head gasket
19. LH cylinder head gasket
20. MLA
21. Retainer lock
22. Retainer
23. Valve spring
24. Valve stem seal
25. Valve

Camshaft Repair procedures
Removal LH Intake and Exhaust camshaft 1. Remove the timing chain. (Refer to Timing System - "Timing Chain") 2. Remove the fuel pump bracket (A). 3. Remove the LH exhaust camshaft ...

Cylinder Head Repair procedures
Removal     • Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces. • To avoid damaging the cylinder head, wait until the engine coolant temperature drops below no ...

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