Hyundai Genesis: Crash Pad / Components and Components Location

Components (1)

1. Main crash pad assembly
2. Crash pad side cover [LH]
3. Crash pad side cover [RH]
4. Crash pad under cover [LH]
5. Crash pad lower panel

Components (2)

1. Main crash pad assembly
2. Side def nozzle [LH]
3. Side def nozzle [RH]
4. Side speaker assembly [LH]
5. Side speaker assembly [RH]
6. Center speaker assembly
7. Side speaker grill [LH]
8. Side speaker grill [RH]
9. Center speaker grill
10. Crash pad side garnish assembly
11. Cluster support bracket assembly
12. Crash pad main lower assembly
13. Crash pad under cover [RH]
14. Glove box upper cover assembly
15. Front monitor assembly
16. Cluster gauge assembly
17. Head unit assembly
18. Glove box assembly
19. Monitor facia
20. Cluster facia panel assembly
21. Cluster facia upper panel assembly
22. Crash pad side garnish assembly [RH]
23. Center facia panel assembly
24. Main crash pad wiring
25. Cowl cross bar assembly

Crash Pad

Cluster Fascia Panel Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Cluster fascia panel ...

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