Hyundai Genesis: Auto Lighting Control System / Auto Light Sensor Repair procedures

Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the photo & auto light sensor.
(Refer to Windshield Wiper/Washer - "Rain Sensor")
Install the auto light sensor.
Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Auto Light Sensor Components and Components Location
Components and Components Location 1. Horizontal light sensor2. Vertical light sensor3. Solar load sensor4. Rain sensor - left5. Rain sensor - right ...

Auto Head Lamp Leveling Device

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Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Alternator Repair procedures

Removal 1. Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. 2. Remove the engine cover. 3. Disconnect the alternator connector (A) and cable (B) from the 'B' terminal. 4. To release the tension, turn the drive belt tensioner counterclockwise and then remove th ...

Hyundai Genesis (DH) 2013-2016 Service Manual: Waist Line Molding Repair procedures

Replacement     • Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries.     • When removing with a flat-tip screwdriver or remover, wrap protective tape around the tools to prevent damage to components. • Take care not to scratch the body surface. ...

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