Hyundai Genesis: Seat belts / Seat belt warning light

Seat belt warning light (for driver’s seat)

The driver’s seat belt warning light and chime will come on according to the following table when the Engine Start/Stop button is in the ON position.

Seat belt warning (for front passenger’s seat)

The front passenger's seat belt warning light will activate to the following table when the Engine Start/ Stop button is in "ON" position.


Riding in an improper position adversely affects the front passenger's seat belt warning system. It is important for the driver to instruct the passenger as to the proper seating instructions as contained in this manual.

  • You can find the front passenger's seat belt warning light on the center fascia panel.
  • Although the front passenger seat is not occupied, the seat belt warning light will blink for 6 seconds.
  • The seat belt warning light can blink when a briefcase or purse is placed on the front passenger seat.
Seat belts
This section describes how to use the seat belts properly. It also describes some of the things not to do when using seat belts. Seat belt safety precautions Always fasten your seat belt and ...

Seat belt restraint system

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