Hyundai Genesis: Panorama sunroof / Resetting the sunroof

Sunroof needs to be reset if (in the followings)

- Battery is discharged or disconnected or the related fuse has been replaced or disconnected.
- The one-touch sliding function of the sunroof does not normally operate.

1. Turn the engine on and close the sunroof glass and sunshade completely.

2. Release the control lever.

3. Push the sunroof control lever forward in the direction of close (about 10 seconds) until the sunshade slides open and the sunroof glass tilts. Then, release the lever.

4. Push the sunroof control lever forward in the direction of close until the sunroof operates as follows:

Glass Tilt Close → Glass Slide Open → Glass Slide Close

Then, release the control lever.

When this is complete, the sunroof system is reset.

For more details, contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


If you do not reset the sunroof, it may not work properly.

Closing the sunroof
Press the sunshade CLOSE button. The sunroof glass will close then the sunshade will close. To stop the sunroof movement at any point, press the sunshade control switch momentarily. Automat ...

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